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Ximple F.A.Q.

  • Ximple Enterprise resource planning software (ERP) specialize for distributor organizations departments and functions into a single system to help manage the business.

  • Implementation of Ximple enterprise resource planning software can help Distributors manage multiple essential departments. By integrating departments through Ximple ERP software, you can manage costs more effectively and improve the performance and speed of your overall business. Ximple ERP software can help improve communication and coordination between departments to ensure operations are functioning properly at all times.

  • Ximple ERP software pricing is tiered depending on the number of users and the features included. It also depends on Cloud offering vs On-Premise Offering.

  • While each department serves its own purpose individually, all aspects of business function toward a common goal or mission of the greater company. The biggest benefit of integrating departments is centralizing the aspects of business that lead to success. Another benefit of successful Ximple ERP software is having all business units operating under the same definitions and understandings of data.

  • Yes. We offer free demos, webinars, sand box environment and trials to help you gain insight about our solution. This help you understand features and functionality best fit your company’s needs.

  • Ximple enterprise resource planning software manages multiple departments of your organization by creating a unified dataset for your business. Business operators can determine definitions of key data points so there is no confusion on what is being recorded by Ximple ERP software. Clarity surrounding these definitions creates unity amongst business operations and speeds up the decision making process.

  • According to our expert if you don’t have a strong IT department, on-premise installation is too pricy, or your company needs (or wants) to access to your ERP software data outside of the office, then cloud-based ERP software options are best for you.

  • Implementing effective Ximple ERP software brings the challenge of integrating multiple departments with varying functionality. One of the biggest challenges of successful Ximple ERP software is implementing universal definitions of your company’s data across departments. However, these challenges can be met with organization and communication regarding definitions prior to the implementation of ERP software. Continual feedback and clarity regarding timelines can help you tackle potential ERP software challenges too.

  • Advantages of using Ximple ERP software include improved productivity and efficiency and streamlined processes. Ximple ERP software helps users automate cross-department operations and house all data in a central location. This helps users better track reporting and foster growth through access to centralized and accurate information.